Janice Wyatt-Ross

Patterns and Habits: What do you notice about the ways you choose to move through the world? How do these versions vary based on a given context (i.e., difference between work & home, childhood & adulthood)?

When I move it is very intentional. Growing up as an only child I had everything that I needed and a great majority of my wants. When I decided that I wanted something for myself I found ways to achieve my goal. I can remember being twelve years old and wanting my own money. I convinced my parents to allow me to work. I worked at the day care center that I had attended. I made a move that was very specific and intentional. As an adult, after working 14 years in my career path I found it very difficult to maintain employment in my newly adopted state. In a state of desperation, I would apply for any and every job I could find. I was not successful in securing employment. I have participated in many interviews that were a total waste of my time. Most times the hiring managers already knew who they were going to hire they had to comply with hiring laws and conduct interviews. I detest having my time wasted and I don’t waste anyone else’s time. It was then that I decided that I would only apply for jobs that I wanted and that I could see myself working. Those experiences have caused me to move with intentionality. I do not move unless it is to specifically benefit someone or something. I don’t move just to move. I move with a purpose.

*Image provided by Janice Wyatt-Ross