Clare Thomson

Perpetual motion

Photo by Jon Davey on Unsplash

Kicking, kicking, kicking


Working, walking

A torturous, late entrance

Perpetual motion unabated

Screaming at stillness

Exhaustion overwhelming

More kicking, kicking, kicking

Working, juggling

A smooth, early entrance

A false sense of ease

Flaccid, limp; stomach curdling terror

No kicking on life support

Invisible strength – fighting

Never sitting, always moving

One up all night long

The other rising at dawn

Perpetual motion jars against exhaustion

Full time work, outputs stack up

Clinging on, the precipice so near

Caffeine a lifeline drug

Year on year; surviving, existing

Perpetual motion never easing

Walking to appease

Angry toddlerhood slides into energetic childhood

Career stymied; people, systems

Exhaustion winning; nerves breaking

Thoughts hissing

More kicking, kicking, kicking

From bed to office, the greatest achievement

Working, infinite juggling

Exhaustion fuels stubbornness 

Perpetual motion my enemy 

Voices crash on top of chaos

New goals set; heels dug in

Reclaiming control; my journey, my terms

Perpetual motion will not triumph

Networks, connections, support

Accomplishments accrue 

Unbroken sleep a fact

Nerves jangling less

Walking for care

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